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eCommerce: Allow existing Customers to Login during checkout

15-Jan-2009 We've made some enhancements to allow you to more easily implement a login box during checkout. When you implement this for existing customers you can then ensure the checkout form is pre-populated. To implement this go to Admin->More Customization Options->Online Shop Layouts and choose the Shopping Cart layout. Using the Module Manager on the WYSIWYG editor's tool bar simply insert a generic Secure Zone login form. With this on your page, customers can either click on the exsting 'Checkout' button or choose to login and be redirected to the checkout form.
We also added new modules to help you prepopulate the billing and shipping address fields. You can use , , and so forth to prepopulate the checkout form.

  • Ability to set a price for each attribute. This means in addition to the product price, each attribute can have its own price which gets added to the product price if selected
  • Ability to display attributes as checkboxes (allows for multiple attributes to be selected), radio list and drop down. Previously you could only display them in drop down format
  • Ability to specify an image for each attribute
In the longer term we will also allow attributes to be displayed in textbox format. This will come in handy if you are selling products such as curtains. For example if you sell curtains by the meter, the customer will be able to enter the number of meters and have that multiplied by the attribute price to calculate the total price of that product.

To utilize this feature please download the latest Product Import Template file from Admin->Imports to learn more about how to enter information in the import file and/or the Admin interface to specify this extra information. We will be enhancing the interface in the Admin in the coming weeks to allow you to enter attribute information much more easily. We hope you enjoy these new improvements.


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