Lonely Planet - Obviously not as good as these web pages! In Western Australian terms this is probably true, there is less information in their website covering Western Australia than is available here.
However, the Lonely planet Website has a worldwide scope and in depth information on just about every corner of the planet. Its traveller Reports sent from all over the world can be invaluable. Furthermore having the local Lonely planet guide when you are travelling is like having a map when you are orienteering - essential.

  • TNT online magazine - an online magazine dedicated to travellers, there is also a paper that is distributed widely in Australia. Well worth look at both the paper and electronic versions.

  • Cape magazine - Cape Leeuwin to Cape Naturaliste. An online magazine dedicated to travellers to the Cape region. Not really aimed at the backpacker or budget traveller, but still worth a look.

  • Events in Perth - detail of Major Events taking place in Perth nearby, from Swimming World Championships to Surfing Finals.

  • Perth Zoo - one of the best local websites, well worth the visit

  • The Dolphin Discovery Centre - the site is a brief introduction to the Dolphin Centre in Bunbury. The site is okay, but the dolphins themselves are "un-miss-able".

  • Mandurah Dolphins - a site about the Bottle nose dolphins at Mandurah. Lots of information about dolphins here.

  • Perth Glory Football Team - our local soccer team for the NSL.

  • The Fremantle Dockers - Aussie Rules Football, seeing a game while you are in Australia has to be a must.

  • The West Coast Eagles - the other major Aussie Rules Football Team homepage.

  • Bird watching in WA - if you interest in Bird watching this site is invaluable.

  • Fishing in WA - homepage of the Fisheries Department of WA. A Good site if Fishing is your thing. Lots of details about commercial and recreational fishing. Also includes information on Whale spotting, seafood recipes and who knows what else. Well designed site - well worth a look.

  • Cinemas - Hoyt's Cinema , Greater Union Cinema - find out what's on in Perth and elsewhere.

  • Sand boarding - good site, not specific to WA, but WA has hundreds of sand dunes around to try it out on. Many of the local tour operators include sand boarding as part of their package. See the tour pages for more details.

  • Eclipses in Perth - interesting site, time your visit to WA to coincide with an eclipse. Just what it says it is, information on lunar and solar eclipses.

  • Western Wildlife - an excellent site covering all manner of wildlife in WA.

  • Rural Enterprises - information regarding Farm work in Western Australia. Useful up-to-date site.

  • Western Australian Forest Alliance - is the Western Australian government allowing the destruction of the last of its ancient woodlands? Check out the facts...

  • Agriculture in WA - lots of information about sheep-dip and fungicidal infections of wheat crops, great if that's what your into!
    No signs of information on harvest times and work available unfortunately.

  • University of WA - the Community Pages include information on the Festival of Perth that takes place in February at the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery .

  • Margaret River Mail - the local newspaper online, contains lots of information about the Margaret River area (obviously!)

  • Web Wombat - a search engine exclusive to Australian sites.

  • Frogs of WA - yep, you guessed it, a site about WA's frogs!

  • Peach Tree Gallery - an online gallery of paintings of Western Australia.

  • Police - even the Police have their own website. By the way, on a police sort of note, it is illegal to drink alcohol in public places and jaywalk (crazy but true).

  • Employment Agencies - see also the work chapter

    • Execom Employment (WA)

    • Byron Employment

    • AusJob

    • Perth Employment

  • Some Kangaroo recipes!

  • Foreign & Commonwealth Office, London -