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Eclipse Website Technical Support Resources

Please note: this is the resource and technical help procedure for websites hosted on the Eclipse Online Solutions
Advanced Web Hosting Software only. If your website is on the Eclipse Budget Hosting please follow Budget Hosting Technical Help.

This page explains the standard technical help options available to you, the sequence in which we recommend they be used and the time limit of which you can expect a response from our web team. If you have taken out our Monthly Insurance Plan you are free to use this procedure but you will also have our priority line details that enables you to contact our web team directly using the information provided with your plan.

Before you Start

Before you start to make changes or additions to your website we strongly recommend that you watch the introductory "Video" and read the "Getting Started" PDF. You will have already been sent and guided to both of these applications but they can also be found and accessed at anytime using the "Home" tab of your Dashboard in the box titled ‘Check these out before you start’. The other sections within this box are also very useful and will assist you while learning the system and in the future.

Help within your Admin

Free help is available to you 24 hours a day using the Home tab on your Dashboard. Here you will find useful applications like "Watch the Video", "Interactive Tour", "FAQ's" and "Support Central". Simply click on any of the applications to see how easy they are. Additional to that and in the same box under the heading "More Help" you will find "Getting Started", "More Videos", "Online Wiki" and "Dreamweaver Triangle" for designers. By using these applications correctly our customers find almost all of the answers they need.
Do not forget about the all powerful ‘Hints Box’ that will be at the top of your page every time you are working on your website. As you run your mouse over any part of the detail you need to complete it gives you hints on exactly what information should be entered and if you click on the more help it will take you to all the help we have relating to the exact application you are working on.
Online Business Wiki, here you will find a ‘Search Box’ where you can search with ease for all the answers on individual Applications.
Before you raise a query with us you should fully exhausted the resources mentioned above as over 90% of the time the answers can be found here.
This is all supplied as standard by Eclipse Online Solutions when using our NEW Advanced Web Hosting Software.

The "useful video links" page on our web-site is a quick reference to the popular video tutorials, why not take a look?

A great deal of time and resources has been put in to the construction of our Technical Support procedure in order to assist you our customers. This method enables us to keep man hours down on dealing with individual problems and human error keeping cost down and ultimately allowing us provide the software at a lower monthly cost. Perhaps the most important allows us to spend more of our time concentrate on evolving technology and providing you with a state-of-the-art system.

Further Help

If you have thoroughly searched our Technical Support Resources and are still unable to locate and resolve your issue then you are able to use our Technical Support Web form. We will endeavour to answer your query within two working days. This is a free option but, at our discretion and may be chargeable if clients have not exhausted the Technical Support Resources and instead decided to choose what we feel is the ‘easy’ option. If  we do spend our time answering email queries when the majority of the answers can be found in the Support Resources then we spend less time on what is important to us all, and that is the system itself. Clearly, if the issue is a technical one with the software then we welcome your email and will rectify the problem as soon as possible.

One-to-One Help

We offer one-to-one support that  is available through our ad hoc services charged at our normal hourly rate. If you prefer to speak to someone instead of using our free support or wish to have more in-depth training we can administer this for you.

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If you would like any of the above simply Contact Us, or if you already have an existing website and you would like to take it  to the next level, we can simply Migrate it over to our NEW Advanced Web Hosting Software. You too will then have the tools for online success. So don’t delay, Contact Us today.

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