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Bolt-On to your Shop

Here at Eclipse Online Solutions we have exciting sales opportunities that will suit any high street shop or commercial outlet. So why not add our Powerful Website Building Software and Online Marketing Services to your offerings? Our bolt-on partnership works very similar to a bolt-on franchise, only without the onerous contracts, expensive set-up, marketing, and training fees.
  • Eclipse Online Solutions will cover all of the initial set-up and marketing fees.
  • The training is free and implemented in your shop, leaving you time to concentrate on your main business.
  • There is no obligation to continue with our service should it not work out for your outlet.
  • You really cannot lose, so why not give it a go?

Our Bolt-On Sales opprtunity comes in two commission options Lead Generator commission or Full Sales commission. It is completely up to you which one you choose, hey you can even mix the two if you want.

If you feel this opportunity will suit you and your business simply complete our enquiry form, or if not and you know someone else that it may suit then, earn a commission now by using our “Refer a Friend” option.

Find out what some of our existing Shop & Outlet Re-sale Partners have to say about selling our Web Products and partnering with us.

The Set Up Procedure

If you are interested in partnering with us and offering our products and services through our bolt-on facility, then all you have to do is simply invite us to visit you at your premises for a relaxed and informal chat. Whilst with you will evaluate whether our web products and services are right for you and your outlet. If you then decide to go ahead, we will arrange a convenient date and time to come back inorder to set everything up.

On our arrival to set up we will also start your local marketing and basic in-house training.

The training programme can take as little as eight hours, but will be continued until you are 100% confident so as to proffesionally sell our services. It will start with a breif run through our sales pack, moving onto some dummy sales and hopefully leading into real customer sales. The training will be implemented around the running of your primary business structured with a timetable that is convenient for you. You will even qualify for any commissions taken on sales made during the training programme.

Once we have trained you to confidently and professionally sell your new web services and you are happy to continue alone, we will then leave you to your own devices, but remember we are only a phone call away should you need support.

Please Contact Us to discuss the commissions.

In order for you to sell our services and earn your commission, simply follow these easy steps:

The Sales Procedure

In order for you to sell the product and earn your commission you simply follow these easy steps:

  • Talk the customer through the services, using the easy to follow sales pack that we provide.
  • The customer will then choose their web package whilst answering six questions on our website order form.
  • You then take an initial payment of 50% of job total.
  • Then email, fax or post the completed website order form to us along with the 50% payment.
  • We do the rest, it's that simple.

Once we have the order, we will then take over from you and liaise with the customer until the website order is fulfilled.

Once the website is complete and the customer is happy the job will be signed off. The customer will then be referred back to you to make the completion payment of 50%.

The customer will deal directly with us with regards to their Hosting.

Read what our 'Full Re-sale Partners' have to say about us...

£££ If you are interested in this role and would like to know more please complete our enquiry form £££

Other opportunities to earn £££'s in commission:

Please take the time to look at the other sales, jobs and partner opportunities we have available, if not for you then maybe they will suit someone you know. Use our “Refer a Friend” option and you could then qualify for:

A)   A one off finder fee

B)   An ongoing commission

C)   Both of the above

Our Services

Website Design & Development.
Whilst we are able to design and build great looking websites we are always careful to listen to our clients and together we aim to develop an online business rather than just a website.
Content Management System.
The ultimate all-in-one website management tool, simple to use with intuitive videos to walk you through each application. Create your own dynamic web pages, online shop and interact with your clients easily. Check out the full features or watch the slide show and video.
Google Search Engine Suite.
Keep informed about who is visiting your website and the most popular search queries. Add Google Maps and arrange Adsense advertising campaigns.
Build your own Websites.
Allow me to introduce the Eclipse Online Solutions' Online Business Console, the first all-in-one system born to run Professional Online Businesses

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