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Ad Rotators are a great way to keep your site fresh. Ad rotators allow you to randomly display an image, Flash or snippet of HTML in any part of a web page. Every time a customer visits the web page with an Ad Rotator, a different item from your Ad Rotator group will be displayed.

For example, you can use Ad Rotators for:

  • Product Specials
  • Customer testimonials
  • Special announcements
  • And so forth

Creating an Ad rotator

To create an Ad Rotator go to Modules -> Add Rotators and select Create a new Ad Rotator. Provide a name for your Ad Rotator and select Save. You are now ready to add items to your Ad Rotator.

Image:New Ad rotator.png

Adding Items to your Ad rotator

Your Ad Rotator group can contain as many items as you wish. It may consist of only images, Flash, HTML or a combination of any. Click on the Ad Rotator Items link to get started. Choose the item type, enter its details and select Save. Each item can have a Release and Expiry date which allows you to control when the item is available and when it is not.

By providing a Click-Thru URL for any item, you enable customers to click on that item. In addition, the system measures the number of clicks an item has received which enables you to gauge the effectiveness of that item.

To add your Ad-Rotator to any web page simply use click on Add Ad Rotator to a web page. You can also use the Module Manager or Triangle to add your Ad rotator to a web page.

Image:Add ad rotator items.png

Ad rotator Reporting

You can measure the performance of your Ad Rotators and the items within them. For every item, the system tracks the number of Impressions and Click-Thrus that item has received. The effective Click-Thru rate of an item is the number of clicks an item has received divided by the total number of impressions for that item.

To view the performance of your Ad Rotator click on the Results table.

Image:Ad rotator reporting.png

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